Reply To: Collection of Videos of medical operations, surgeries, rotting body etc.


Hello, All dhamma friends.

Critical part of my comment was about correcting incomplete saññā about body. We only see shining skin of young beautiful people in world dominated by marketing/advertisement.

I mean beneath muscle, fat and shining skin the biological machinery is hidden away. Which is not exactly pretty sight. Even when we know this is the case, many still have saññā that body is good/beautiful etc.

But, is it the case really?

IF contemplating disgusting aspects of body lead to something, wouldn’t surgeons and gynecologist would be foremost Arhants?

Only purpose of sharing those videos was, To see that unfamiliar side of body.

Lang said above,

I remember that Lal has explained that asubha bhavana was not about the foulness of the body, that it was about the unfruitful nature of sensual things. Again, I am sure you did not mean this; I am raising this since I often see asubha bhavana described incorrectly this way.

That is correct Lang, as Lal has said in next comment and at some posts in website.

That’s why I used the tag:
“MUNDANE Ashubha saññā”.

To lal, Thanks for once again reminder about correct Ashubha bhavana.