Reply To: Collection of Videos of medical operations, surgeries, rotting body etc.


I took a quick peek, and my guess is that these videos may be “too much reality” for most of us. They may indeed bring out patigha, like you warned us, which could be why you couldn’t sleep for a day or two.

Another point, although you probably did not mean it, is that I know of people who practice “asubha bhavana” in a way similar to this. They took some passages, perhaps from the Tipitaka, that describe the different decaying stages of a corpse and imagine them in their mind as a way of contemplating the ugliness/foulness of the body. With videos like these, nowadays who even need imagination?

I remember that Lal has explained that asubha bhavana was not about the foulness of the body, that it was about the unfruitful nature of sensual things. Again, I am sure you did not mean this; I am raising this since I often see asubha bhavana described incorrectly this way.