Reply To: What Is Saddhā? How To Explain Saddhā?


Yes. Ultimately that is right.
– When one does not understand the true nature of the world (4NT/tilakkhana/PS), one could become confused about how to respond to some arammana or may respond to them unwisely. That leads to the agitation of mind, which is not conducive to the lightness of mind (pāmojjaṁ) and joy (pīti).

The verse that Jorg quoted is in several suttas; see, for example, “Paṭhamaupanisa Sutta (AN 10.3)
– The English translation there translates avippaṭisāra as “no regrets.” It is related, but not quite the same.

You can read AN 10.1, 10.2, and a few more suttas following AN 10.3. That may help solidify the understanding.