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thank you taking time to write a reply.


you said,

That is what powers future rebirths at cuti-patisandhi moments, taking one of such kamma bija and transforming it into a manomaya kaya with several suddhatthaka (hadaya vatthu and a set of pasada rupa).

Lal, As mentioned earlier, I recently read the whole “word by word translation of Tipitaka”.
especially the brilliant points in whole “Paticca Samuppada during lifetime” section.

They are extremely insightful sections.

One thing which was new to me was learning about bhavanga or “temporary bhava” during every jati/bhava. how that same process also happens at the end of current bhava.

it is unbelievable! (not literally, just very strange.)

How an extremely small bit of matter powered by kammic energy can create so much suffering.

I have few points to discuss about those posts;

1. looking from POV of bhavanga, sottapana has removed all apayagami bhavanga. because all citta/cetasika corresponding to those strengths are removed/reduced in javana. right?

2. as we progress more and more bhavanga are removed, becuase there are less and less arammana with which we get stuck via tanha.

3. Arhant cannot get into any bhavanga ever again. even at the time when buddha died, many cried except arahants as far as I know.


about the second part;

you said,

Food for vinnana is vaci and kaya abhisankhara!
– The key is to stop generating vaci and kaya abhisankhara by “engaging with a mind-pleasing arammana.” That will weaken such kamma viññāṇa and eventually eliminate them. P.S. By the way, vaci abhisankhara (just talking to oneself OR speaking out) is as bad as engaging in bodily actions with kaya abhisankhara.


as you said, we should stop abhisankhara with force firstly.
simultaneously, we can remove the root on which they grow, which is removing three san, right?

And ofcourse, sancetana will be automatically adressed during this process.

And sense restrain will take care of food coming through contact, isn’t it?

We must deprive fire (of jati) by reducing/stopping the throwing of wood logs (through four foods) in it and also stop the supply of oxygen (three san), right?