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Yes, Lal.

Thanks for the reminder about sakkāya diṭṭhi, Lal.

All that you said above is perfectly understood.

nothing is permanently existent and nothing is permanently non existent. Cause and effect are not completely same and not completely different. They are connected. Effects only and only manifest when there are both necessary and sufficient conditions present for that effect to manifest.

King who becomes monkey, they are not same and they are not different. As long as causes are there NamaRupa/six senses/pañcakKhanda arises.

I think, I should have used the word “lifestream” instead of “being” above.

Root cause are six. This root causes are removed by removal of avijjā about 4NT and vipallāsa about tilakkhana.

I have repeatedly used the self reference “I”, “Me” etc in conventional sense only. Those references cannot be completely avoided.

It is perfectly clear to me about absence of permanent entity/soul/essence/self etc.

As you have said, The “FEELING” of self exist as long as there is Avijjā.

Also, The Suffering about apāyā, value of human bhava etc too.

Also, I have well understood your very very detailed analysis of sakkāya, PañcaUpādānaKhandha and sakkāya diṭṭhi on website. The nihilistic and eternalist view, “me/mine” view, taking pañcakKhanda as fruitful etc. I have realised those connections.

I no longer confuse dukkhā with mundane dukha.

I have understood the wider worldview of Buddha of 31 realms.

I have understood 4NT in context of 12 ayatana and in terms of 31 realms and humongous birth rate in apāyā.

Also the important point that we cannot avoid many kamma vipakā despite doing our best to stop them, because, necessary conditions for their manifestation exists IN THIS LIFE.

But, we can cutoff the conditions of future suffering filled rebirth.

I don’t understand very complex details about two types of NamaRupa but I did understood the basic connecting point between namarupa and sakkāya diṭṭhi, how kamma viññāṇa is bridge between mind and matter.

Bhavanga, temporary bhava,
Connection between iddapaccaya and uppati PS cycles.

Thanks to your elephant in room posts.