Reply To: Decision about lifestyle change …


Wise thoughts and reflections, LayDhammaFollower!

1. There is no “person” going through the rebirth process (in the sense of a “permanent soul”).

2. What we experience now is vipaka of deeds (kamma) done in the past. Is the “experiencer” the same as the “doer”?
– We cannot pick one of those two answers. Since “we” keep changing, we cannot say “yes.” On the other hand, “me/I” AT the PRESENT MOMENT has evolved from past actions, and thus we cannot say “no” either. The key is to realize that as long as we have the wrong view (diṭṭhi) and perception (saññā) that “this world can be beneficial for ‘me'” suffering cannot be stopped.

3. As long as past actions CAN bring their results (vipaka), suffering will continue. Those conditions arise due to lobha, dosa, and moha (ignorance of the Noble Truths about this world.)

4. We can stop those past actions (kamma) from bringing their results (vipaka). That is the key. That is done by losing the craving for worldly things. That requires understanding Buddha Dhamma (Noble Truths/Paticca Samuppada/Tilakkhana) AND living according to Dhamma (ariyakanta sila) to lose cravings for worldly things.

5. The suffering (not only in this life, but especially in the apayas) is real (we can surely see the suffering in the animal realm), and our current actions can stop future suffering. That is the bottom line.