Reply To: Approach to Dhamma


First of all, Dosakkhayo, we are glad to hear that you are working well with the Korean Pure Dhamma Community. I can sense the high level of interest in the community.

I think those are fresh ideas that can be and should be tested out. We need to use all the tools available to bring back the true teachings of the Buddha.

The following are some thoughts cam to my mind, without thinking much about it.

There are two supersets.
1. This world of 31 realms with recurring and incessant rebirth process, where physical sukha/dukkha and mind-made somanassa/domanassa vedana exist. The level of sukha is optimum in the highest Deva realm, and the level of somanassa (or the absence of domanassa) maximum in the highest Brahma realm. On the other hand, any given living being spends most of the time in the lower realms (apayas) with unbearable dukkha/domanassa during the time when the realms in the kama loka exist. LayDhammaFollower’s recent chart explains that well: “Vedanā Vibhanga
2. The second superset is Nibbana. A lifestream makes a transition from “this world” to Nibbana at Parinibbana.

The two supersets are “mutually exclusive” meaning there is no direct overlap. There are no words to describe Nibbana in terms of terminology available to use in “this world.” But the Buddha emphasized that dukkha/domanassa is completely absent in Nibbana.

Furthermore, one can sense the definite decrease in dukkha/domanassa as one makes the transition from “this world” to Nibbana in four steps (eight stages). After the Sotapanna stage, the possibility of rebirths in the apayas will go away, and so on. A living Arahant would only have “vipaka vedana” that can bring both sukha and dukha until Parinibbana (death of the physical body).
– Thus even though the two supersets do not overlap directly, a Buddha figures out how to make that transition while in “this world.”
– That requires understanding how this world sustains itself with the akusala-mula Paticca Samuppada process. Only a Buddha can figure out how to go backward on that process with the kusala-mula PS and stop that cyclical forward akusala-mula process.

Anyway, Those are some thoughts that came to my mind as I was reading your post.
– I am sure we will be able to make suggestions as we see details of your approach.
– But don’t deviate from your approach if it does not address those at the outset.

May the Blessings of the Triple Gem be with you all in your efforts!