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Tobi-Wan Kenobi

Aybowan…..for everyone

In short I’d say that’s correct, but there are several invisible loops involved.

I’ll go into more detail about seeing from my point of view
explain to see if my thinking is right.

(i) there is a sensory experience, i.e. an ārammaṇa.

(ii) Seeing which, upon ignorance (avijja) before, leads to rebirth (bhava taṇhā) with the sight arising from karma and karma vipaka, with the sight (light and dark) that this sight-consciousness causes. This trinity as seeing-consciousness (cakkhu viññāna) merges into consciousness.

(iii) that consciousness (vipāka viññāna) with citta, cetasika and garthi/garti, where cetasika and garthi/garti decide whether we attach with tanhā (we cling with greed or hatred whatever avijja involves).

(iii/b) However, immediately after the arising of a vipāka viññāna, a paṭicca samuppāda process takes place in the next citta.

(iv) through tanhā, then, abhisaṅkhāra arises

With memories, there is no ārammaṇa at (i) but a Dhamma from the mind entering at point (iii). To make it short.

I hope it’s okay to say something as well because these are important steps and I’m really looking forward to Lal’s analysis.

PS Sorry I wasn’t fast enough. I wanted answers before Lal.
But I still send and then look at the chart.