Reply To: Post on Misconceptions on the Topics the Buddha “Refused to Answer”


Dosakkhaya wrote: “I think that “Sassato loko and asassato loko” means “not to have the remotest idea of paticca samuppada”

1. That is correct since “loka” means the five aggregates in Buddha Dhamma.
– Those with “Sassata ditthi” have the wrong that there is something in the five aggregates that can and will continue perpetually.
– Others with “asassata/uccheda ditthi” have the wrong view that the five aggregates started at birth (in this life) and will end with the body’s death.

But five aggregates will continue to grow until the root causes for its continuance (i.e., arising of hadaya vatthu/pasada rupa) are stopped.
– That happens via PS.
P.S. Of course, there are many ways to express the above. The main thing is to realize that as long as one has the wrong view that worldly things are of value (i.e., do not comprehend the anicca nature), there is no end to suffering. Anicca nature inevitably leads to dukkha (suffering), and one will end up without refuge (anatta). Human birth is when one can use the opportunity to “seek refuge” in Buddha Dhamma and get to the refuge (Nibbana).

2. On the other hand, scientists consider the physical world out there (cosmos) as the “world” or “loka.”
– Even if an infinite number of beings attain Nibbana and dissociate with their “lokas” there will be an infinite number left to sustain the cosmos.