Reply To: Compilation of all my insight notes when I had breakthrough in Dhamma Understand


There is ariya dukkhā and anariya dukha.

There is ariya niramisa sukha and anariya sukha.

There is ariya escape from dukkhā and anariya escape from dukha.


Ariya dukkhā: first noble truth, not having higher magga phala, not having removed San completely, having birth.

Anariya dukha: not having amisa sukha or sukha from jhana, not having birth or not having good birth.


Ariya sukha: magga phala, removal of san, nirodha samphatti, nibbanā, parinibbana, getting rid of dukkhā and getting rid of future suffering of saṁsāra.

Anariya sukha: having good birth, sensual pleasures, jhanic bliss, being king, having big families, properties, becoming billionaire etc.


Ariya escape from suffering:
From saṁsāra to nibbanā

Anariya escape from suffering:
From saṁsāra to saṁsāra.
(From one disease to another disease)


Escape from suffering of one place of sansarā to another place in sansarā is like, getting another disease when trying to cure one already existing disease.

Whole saṁsāra is disease.