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Topic: What is wrong with Antinatalism movement?

Antinatalism is philosophy that holds that origin of all types of suffering can be traced back to birth. i.e. birth is reason for all suffering. Which is true.

However, this movement blames biological parents for giving birth to child. Which is what this movement gets wrong.

Parents are not 100% responsible for giving
Birth to child.

Birth of child is like seed turning into tree. Parents are responsible for providing water and nutrients to seed. They are NOT responsible for existence of seed in first place.

So, antinatalist are helpless in their own suffering, because, from their materialist POV about life, someone else is responsible for their suffering they cannot do anything about it and they will forever be helpless. Because, they cannot prevent their own birth from materialist POV.

However, this is not factually true.
Rebirth can be completely stopped from ever arising.

This is actually what buddha dhamma is all about.

How rebirth works, what is rebirth, what is suffering, it’s causes, it’s elimination, path to its end, why is it suffering in first place, etc all details are embedded in Paṭicca Samuppāda.