Reply To: Sekha Sutta MN 53


1. Yes. You are correct. I had the two terms reversed. I corrected them above. Thank you.

2. “My question is whether this phrase is referring to samadhi.”

– Yes. It is.
– Samadhi can be at different levels. Samadhi comes from “sama” + “adhi” to towards a certain status.
– For example, Sotapanna has “Sotapanna samadhi.” An Arahant’s samadhi is different (higher level.)
– There are different types of miccha samadhi too. A master thief (while committing a theft) has the mindset of a thief. A murderer’s mindset is in “killer’s samadhi” during the killing, etc.

3. It helps if the sutta number is also given, i.e., SN 1.2, etc.
– I have a sutta in the right format (with tab numbers and side-by-side English translation). For example, when there is a question on SN 1.2, I just change the sutta number in the link.
For example, the link for the Sekha Sutta (MN 53) is:
– If I need the link for SN 1.2, I just replace “mn53” with “sn1.2”.
– You should also use that method. It saves time.
– So, please give BOTH the sutta name and the number. That way, there is no ambiguity.