Reply To: Sekha Sutta MN 53


1. Lal said:
– Sekha means “one who has completed training,” i.e., an Arahant.
– Asekha means “one who has NOT completed training,” i.e., someone who is on the Noble Path (i.e., above Sotapanna Anugami).

I am a little confused. Because as far as I know, it’s the other way around.
Sekha means one who has to train yet. Asekha means one who doesn’t need to train.

So I’m confused about whether you misspelled it or I was wrong.

2. What I want to know is the following.


“Evametaṁ yathābhūtaṁ sammappaññāya disvā yāyaṁ upekkhā nānattā nānattasitā taṁ abhinivajjetvā, yāyaṁ upekkhā ekattā ekattasitā yattha sabbaso lokāmisūpādānā aparisesā nirujjhanti tamevūpekkhaṁ bhāveti.”

My question is whether this phrase is referring to samadhi.

– I read my previous question again. I saw some drawbacks in my writing habit. I didn’t know it when I was writing. I think it could be surely confusing to you. I will try my best to break this habit.

3. OK. Please check if I’m doing it well.