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The following post is from Dosakkhayo. He emailed me the text because he could not use the “text editor” to insert links and format the text. P.S. Text editor issue has now been fixed.

I am planning an article to send to the Korean Theravada community. I am going to write about why anatta should not be translated as no-self.

So I think it would be very helpful to get detailed information about the following sentence:
Tattha katamo anattaṭṭho? Anissariyaṭṭho anattaṭṭho, avasavattanaṭṭho, akāmakāriṭṭho parividaṭṭho, ayaṁ anattaṭṭhoti.”

6. Suttatthasamuccayabhūmi

Besides that, it also will be beneficial to others.
Thank you.

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