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Anidassana, Appaṭigha Rupa Due to Anidassana Viññāṇa

In #12
“Put it another way, dense rupa (experienced by the five physical senses) are localized, but the nāma category (vedanā, saññā, saṅkhāra, viññāṇa) is NOT localized. In between such dense (sappaṭigha) rupa and anidassana/appaṭigha nāma, there are anidassana/appaṭigha rupa (dhammā.)
Both nāma and dhammā are not localized and are included in viññāṇa dhātu. See, “What are Rūpa? – Dhammā are Rūpa too!”

Is anidassana/appaṭigha nāma the namagotta? If so, could you tell me how anidassana/appaṭigha rupa(dhammā) can turn into anidassana/appaṭigha nāma?

I think I’ve been making Lal exhausted with my meaningless questions lately. I’m sorry.