Reply To: Nirutti of “Micchā”


Thanks Lal for your input. I haven’t been able to find any other explanation so I guess this might be a potential fit.

The fact that there’s the perception of “me” and “mine” leads to iccha, and iccha in turn strengthens this perception. It’s like a vicious circle preventing one from seeing the truth.

Edit: right after finishing this post, I came across “Mudā” which is translated as “gladness,” “pleasure,” and “joy.”
I don’t know the basis of the combining of words, but iccha is believed to bring joy and pleasure, so it makes sense from that angle at least.
“Mutti” is a bit stronger as it is connected to the ultimate release, but if the nicca perception is strong that might even be the “view” one has. I may be stretching this last one, though:)