Reply To: Compilation of all my insight notes when I had breakthrough in Dhamma Understand


Countless infinite uncountable unfathomable number of great eons have passed so far …

Still no end to quest to pursue happiness in this world can be seen.

So many tears dropped.
So much blood spilled.
So many body of all sorts, aquired and dropped.

So many times building sandcastles on beach.
Small and big.
Only for them to be taken away by waves in some time

Struggling to gain liked.
Struggling to keep liked as wished.
Mourning at the helplessness arising due to seperation from all that was hold dear.

Struggling to keep away unliked.
Struggling to remove unliked.
Mourning against helplessness when despite all the efforts unliked still arises, when unliked can’t be removed.

Where’s true security in this world?

Where is it?

What have we found that we have been able to keep?

What true profit is there in this world?

This life too shall pass away in vain, empty way, just like infinite lives before …

Buddha has gave up, Great arhants have gave up.

Gave up seeking happiness in this world.

Have we?