Reply To: Post on “Namagotta, Bhava, Kamma Bīja, and Mano Loka (Mind Plane)”


“– The other part of nāmagotta is associated with kamma viññāṇa. Those are dhammā that can bring vipāka. They also belong to “memory records” but have associated kammic energies and can bring vipāka on their own.”

After hearing this statement, I wonder if I misunderstood it. When I wrote “So everything I wrote above(except rūpakkhanda) belongs to one of these two categories(“dhammā below the suddhāṭṭhaka” and “namagotta”).”, I thought that mano loka has two mutually exclusive categories.

However, hearing this, the two categories do not seem to be divided, but rather are a way to describe the state of information. So, these two categories overlap each other. Am I right?