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The following sentences edited 9/25/22: That is not entirely correct. that was due to a mistake I made. The correct way to say it is as follows: Namagotta or memory records include both records with and without kammic energy. Each sensory experience and our response to them are included in namagotta (all vedana, sanna, sankhara, and vinnana associated with every experience AND response). Some of them embed kammic energy when ABHISANKHARA was involved, i.e., when KAMMA VINNANA was involved. Those latter kind are namagotta with energy, i.e., dhammā. I later explained it in my next post below.

1. Furthermore, the ability to “activate” (and, thus, recall) specific parts of namagotta depends on the mind.
– Those who cultivate higher jhanas and develop abhinna powers can recall many past lives, for example. In the earlier analogy, this corresponds to having a “stronger flashlight.”
– A Buddha can recall as many past lives as he wishes.

2. Some average people can recall events in their current lives in great detail.
– See “Search Results for: HSAM
– This is a very interesting subject. It is also an informative subject where one can gain insight.