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1. Just to emphasize what Jorg already mentioned.
– Moha is a universal akusala cetasika. See #6 of “Cetasika (Mental Factors)
Therefore, it will be removed only at the Arahant stage.
– However, as Jorg mentioned, moha reduced in strength to avijja at the Sotapanna stage and removed at the Arahant stage.
P.S. Simultaneously, lobha is reduced to raga (kama raga, rupa raga, arupa raga) and dosa is reduced to patigha). See “Lōbha, Dōsa, Mōha versus Rāga, Paṭigha, Avijjā

2. Regarding Jorg’s question, which is related to #1 above:
– Moha reduces in strength to avijja in two stages: (i) removal of 10 types of miccha ditthi BEFORE the Sotapanna stage, (ii) removal of the “wrong view” about an “unchanging self/soul/atman” at the Sotapanna stage. That second one is the same as the removal of sakkaya ditthi.
– After the Sotapanna stage, the “perception of an unchanging self” or a “me” persists as “asmi mana” up to the Arahant stage. Of course, it reduces in strength at Sakadagami and Anagami stages.
– So, the “perception of an unchanging self” starts reducing very early. Having “wrong views” enhances the “perception of an unchanging self.” Thus it starts dropping even before the Sotapanna stage.

3. It is imperative to appreciate the significance of the removal of ditthis, first with the removal of the ten types of miccha ditthi and then with the removal of sakkaya ditthi.
– A huge amount of defilements are removed with the removal of those wrong views.
– “Sakkaya ditthi” is almost the same as “attanuditthi” or the “wrong views of an unchanging self or me.”
– See, “Sakkāyadiṭṭhipahāna Sutta (SN 35.166)” and “Attānudiṭṭhipahāna Sutta (SN 35. 167).”
As we know, a Sotapanna gets on the Noble Eightfold Path by just comprehending the “wider worldview” of the Buddha. That leads to the removal of sakkaya ditthi/attanuditthi. Then one realizes that there could be much suffering when born in the apayas. The way one makes causes to be born in the apayas is explained by Paticca Samuppada. When one sees that, one realizes the anicca, dukkha, and anatta nature of this world.

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