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Saṅkhāra are dukha in beginning, middle and end. They were dukha in past, are dukha in present, will be dukha in future.

To prevent unliked, saṅkhāra are needed.
To get liked, saṅkhāra are needed.

To remove arisen unliked, saṅkhāra are needed.
To prevent arisen liked from changing, saṅkhāra are needed.

It is constant unnding fight against entropy and laws of kamma.

Question is not whether anything will go under viparinama or no, question is only about when.

Despite doing all type of saṅkhāra for stopping unliked and keeping liked, unliked still comes and liked still slips away.

In present,

There is grief due to past,
(Due to liked things which passed away,
Unliked which couldn’t be stopped.)

There is Fear for future
(Whether what one wants will happen, whether what one doesn’t want to happen will be prevented.)

Sansarā = constant hanging between grief and fear.

↑ Something I learnt from ven. Ammadassana thero.

Only saṅkhāra which leads to anything meaningful, are kusāla mula saṅkhāra.