Reply To: Arising of Tanhā


Yes. Nothing wrong with what you wrote.
– But always, one can go into details.

1. When an arammana comes in, whether one attaches (tanha) to it depends on one’s set of anusaya, one’s gati at that moment, and the strength of the arammana (e.g., how beautiful a person that you are seeing, how much liking you have for a certain food).

2. One’s gati keep changing, especially due to the environment (family, friends, etc.). Based on that, anusaya will evolve too.
– Details (specific types) of anusaya will evolve from life to life. But the main categories will not be removed until the corresponding stage of magga phala is attained.
– Only an Arahant would not have any anusaya, gati, samyojana, etc. They will not attach (tanha) to any arammana.

3. To dig deeper:
Conditions for the Four Stages of Nibbāna
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