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“However, Recently during contemplate it occured to me, that kama guna, vipakā vēdanā and samphassa-jā-vēdanā all three are PURELY SUBJECTIVE AND CONDITIONAL right?”

No. That is not right.
– “Kama guna” go with each bhava. Something that may appear enticing to a dog could be disgusting to us (e.g., feces).
– “Vipaka vedana” may APPEAR as good (attractive) or bad (repulsive) depending on the kama guna. For example, the grass is appealing to cows, but not to us.

You wrote: “You said somewhere that even Arhant might “recognise” beautiful women as beautiful women.”

“Kama guna” and “attaching to kama guna” are two different things.
– An Arahant would see a beautiful woman as a beautiful woman just as they would taste sugar to be sweet or feces to be stinky. But they would not be attracted to that woman or sugar or repulsed by feces.

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