Reply To: If Dhātu Describes the Rūpa, How can I Understand Viññana Dhātu?


Dhātu is conventionally translated to English as “Element.”
– But, the real meaning (depending on context) comes with a broad understanding of different concepts.

There are several “Dhātu Suttas” that state various aspects.
– First, take a look at them to get a general idea.
– I will try to write a post on it. It is a deep subject, but it is probably the right time to get into it. There are enough people who are at a level to understand.

1. “Dhātu Sutta (SN 27.9)

2. “Dhātu Sutta (AN 6.111)

3. Dhātu Sutta (SN 18.9)”

4. “Dhātu Sutta (SN 26.9)

5. “Dhātu Sutta (Iti 51)

I have arranged them roughly in an “ascending order” based on the “depth.” But that is subjective.

Take the time also to read the following posts (and references in them as needed) and ask questions. I hope others will get involved too. That may help with writing a post. But it may not be necessary to write a post.

Relevant Posts:
– Not necessarily in order. The point is that dhātu, “gati,” “bhuta,” “suddhāṭṭhaka,” are related and arise via Paticca Samuppada.
– Understanding that helps stop those processes and get to the “ultimate element” of Nibbana.

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