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You may find the following few suttas helpful:
1. “Dānānisaṁsa Sutta (AN 5.35)
– Next two suttas in that series are on the same subject.

2. A different aspect:
Dānamahapphala Sutta (AN 7.52)

3. Benefits of giving will increase if given to honorable, especially bhikkhus. Of course, giving to Noble Persons with increasing magga phala will have higher merits peaking with a Buddha. But that does not mean giving to animals/poor people should be neglected. Give whenever possible and whenever a need is seen.
Khetta Sutta (AN 8.34)

4. There are many suttas on the subject. Here is a search result at Sutta Central:
526 results for dana
– I randomly picked the above from the first page.

Note: I see that you don’t capitalize the title of a topic properly. That may be from the Korean language. The following website will make it easy. Just type the title in there, and it will give you a properly capitalized version:
Title Case Converter