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You are welcome!

You still did not do the links correctly.
Instructions for linking web pages in #2 of “How to Post/Reply to a Forum Question
– I just now revised those instructions.

To repeat the linking instructions:

2. In particular, it is good to use the “link” button to provide a link to another post on this website or an external web page. To describe the procedure, let us assume that you want to provide a link to the “Abhidhamma – Introduction” post on the website.

(i) Open that post in a separate window.
(ii) Copy the post’s title (“Abhidhamma – Introduction”) and paste it into your text window.
Select that text with the title (“Abhidhamma – Introduction”) and click the “link” button. It will open a new window to put in the web address.
(iii) Go to that other open window with the “Abhidhamma – Introduction” post and copy the web address from that web page (which in this case is “”).
(iv) Come back and paste that to provide the link at the URL input. Note: Don’t forget to check the little box “Open link in a new tab” so that when someone clicks on the link, it will be opened in a new window.
(v) That is it!

I hope they are clearer now. Please send me an email or comment below if those instructions need improvements.
– Anyone can try out a test page if they like. Just write “TEST” at the beginning and try to link the “Abhidhamma – Introduction” post below to follow along exactly! I can delete such “TEST” posts later.
Abhidhamma – Introduction
– It is worthwhile to try it out and learn how to do it correctly. That will make comments/questions look better. Also, opening a link in a separate tab enables the reader to go back and forth between the comment and the referred web page.