Reply To: What is the knowing which Sotapanna cannot lose even beyond death?


After reading the above post of dosakkhayo, it seems to me that he has two unresolved issues:

1. The difference between amoha and paññā, which I briefly explained in the thread, “hetu the six roots.”
– That topic was discussed previously too: “post on Kusala-Mula Paṭicca Samuppāda

2. How the “comprehension of the Four Noble Truths” (i.e., the level of paññā attained) at a magga phala “carries over to subsequent rebirths.” In other words, how can one not lose that attainment when dying in this life and being reborn?
– From dosakkhayo’s following comment above, it seems that he thinks that “newfound understanding” must become a memory to be carried over to the next life:
“Without punna iddhi or cultivate jhana and iddhi, one cannot access the previous memory.”
It is not a matter of being able to recall what one has learned. That knowledge/understanding stays with the seat of the mind (hadaya vatthu) and is transferred to the next hadaya vatthu when grasping a new bhava. When Samsaric bonds (samyojana) are broken, they never “come back.” There is no need to “consciously think” about it.

@dosakkhayo: Before I go any further, were those the unresolved issues? Do the above explanations help? Do they need further clarification?
– What do you mean by ” inseparable group” in the last three questions? I am not sure what that means. May be you can give the Pali word for it.