Reply To: hetu the six roots


dosakkhayo wrote: “The reason why I asked the question is I had been confused by there is no amoha cetasika.”

OK. I understand the issue that you trying to resolve.

It is the paññā cetasika that “represents” amoha. But paññā would be absent until one becomes a Sotapanna Anugami by starting to comprehend Four Noble Truths/Paticca Samuppada/Tilakkhana.
– That is also why avijjā is defined as “not understanding the Four Noble Truths.” See “Avijjā Sutta (SN 56.17).”: “Yaṁ kho, bhikkhu, dukkhe aññāṇaṁ, dukkhasamudaye aññāṇaṁ, dukkhanirodhe aññāṇaṁ, dukkhanirodhagāminiyā paṭipadāya aññāṇaṁ—
ayaṁ vuccati, bhikkhu, avijjā
– Thus, until avijjā starts fading one would ONLY have “mundane amoha” instead of paññā.

I will make an expanded explanation in the other thread “What is the knowing which Sotapanna cannot lose even beyond death?
– I think you raised the same question in a different way there.
– Let me think about how best to explain the issue there.