Reply To: hetu the six roots


“So I guess there are some contextual differences between the lobha, dosa, moha, alobha, adosa as a cetasika and the lobha, dosa, moha, alobha, adosa, and amoha as a six hetu.”

Why cannot they be in both categories?
– Defilements are what lead to future births. Those defilements ARE the bad types of cetasika (asobhana cetasika).
– As one progresses on the Noble Path, the possibility for those “bad cetasika” to arise in one’s mind is gradually reduced. Eventually, one would have the panna cetasika optimized, and not a single bad (or asobhana) cetasika will arise in one’s mind. That is the Arahant stage.

You are confusing paramatta Dhamma with those present in one’s mind. If all paramatta Dhamma must be with a person, they will never attain Nibbana.