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Is there anyone in world who is immune from worldly suffering?


If one thinks there is someone who can stop it or is immune from the suffering buddha talks about In first noble truth, one hasn’t understand the message of buddha yet …

Because, it is kind of suffering that is *impossible* to avoid.

Just like fish cannot eat worm without getting caught in hook. It is like that.

Every kind of suffering anyone has ever faced in long sansarā, is all described in first noble truth. Yet, one cannot ever exhaust oneself with contemplation on it.

Not only “what is suffering”,
But, it’s deepest root cause too.

It is deepest reason why we suffer.

Once that cause it eliminated, there is no more arising suffering in any form.

Buddha once said that bhikkus it due to not understanding this four noble truths that you and me, we both have wandered in this sansarā for so long.

So deep is noble truths.

Suffering which buddha describes,
No one is free from it.

And buddha is just messanger, he discovered that laws of nature are not compatible with long term well being and happiness of anyone.

No one can be free from it as long as one doesn’t understand what causes suffering ultimately on the deepest level, the very core of pain.

It is because we strive against the system that isn’t capable of providing the long term Happiness to any being, that we suffer so much.

This is hard to understand.

Because for so long we have tried to fight the entropy/disintegration/chaos of system, rather than setting our own affairs in order.

We hold world in very high esteem.

As long as we think it is us who are at shortcoming rather than world, we will keep suffering.

Because, how can one not suffer when one touches the hot pan.

Impossible rights?

Noone is free from dukkhā that buddha talks about.

Not scientists, politician, rockstar, actor, actress, musician, king, queen, Animal, Deva, Brahma, mara, preta, hell being, fish, insects …

MN82: Rathapala Sutta.

When King asks Arhant rathapala that despite him being healthy, young, wealthy why did he decided to become monk.

Then he describes the dukkhā that cannot be stopped by anyone at all.

*Dhamma summary -1:*
There is no true ownership in world.

(Who has been able to keep anything with death? even when alive one keeps doing saṅkhāra to keep possessions from decaying, even one’s merits are subject to exhaustion)

*Dhamma summary – 2:*
There is no true protection for anyone in world.

(can you stop death of someone, if you were to fall ill can someone share your pain?)

*Dhamma summary – 3:*
This world is insatiable, unfulfilling.

No matter how much senses pleasures one has, one never ever gets lasting satisfaction ever.

*Dhamma summary – 4:*

This world is swept away; it is not lasting; it doesn’t endure;

Is there anyone who doesn’t get weak with old age? Who doesn’t ever get helath trouble – illness?

I don’t think there would be so much delight in pleasure of world if we all honestly knew that we cannot stop suffering of our parents, our parents cannot stop suffering we have. Brother cannot help sister, sister cannot help brother, you cannot help relatives, relatives cannot help you in suffering that buddha talks about.

This doesn’t mean we all abandone the things and go in jungle and do some sort of meditation or chanting or some woodoo thing.

But, by accepting the truth, there is actually a greater possibility of helping each other out. Being more compassionate towards each other.

Because it is not just me or you, who suffers, it is everyone. (The Buddhist dukkhā)