Reply To: Compilation of all my insight notes when I had breakthrough in Dhamma Understand


Attachment is not problem.

Because, when you have attachment, you work towards that goal/object to achieve it.

You should definitely have attachment to objects that give happiness.

But, for your own complete happiness without even shred of pain in it, you need to attach to and work towards such object which can give you just that.

So, Problem is wrong kind of attachment.

When you attach to object which are not in your complete control, unsatisfactory, not worth pursuing, unfruitful, meaningless, essenceless, so will be the result.

You will be unhappy and unsatisfied, *eventually*.

But, if you attach to objects which are to your complete liking, under your control that is kind of search that is useful and gives long term happiness.

You will be happy *eventually*.

So, attach to right kind of objects.

Don’t blame attachment. Blame wrong attachment, praise right attachment.

But, you will start to understand what is right and wrong kind of attachment, when you have right view of things in this world of 31 realms.

Poison is not a problem.
Drinking it is.

Hot pan is not problem.
Touching hot pan is problem.

Someone telling you that pan is hot is not a problem. You should be grateful to such person. Because now that you know it is hot and painful, you won’t touch it.

Problem would rather arise, if there was no sign on hot pan, that said this is “hot pan”, don’t touch it.

This touch is attachment with either greed or hatred.

Origin of attachment is thinking that object that you have attached to can give you permanent *lasting* happiness. This is part of ignorance.

Attachment to objects with Aniccā nature, happens out of ignorance that those objects are Aniccā, not niccā as you think.

If something is bad for your health and doctor says not to consume it and you consume it anyways, then that consuming is a problem. Not that thing in itself.

If the bench you liked was painted recently,
when you try to seat on it,
would problem arise when there is sign that says “painted”
when there is no such sign?