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Anyone want to see the Drawbacks of attaching to pleasent and unpleasant feelings that arises based on sense contacts? What is wrong with pursuing pleasent and unpleasant feelings from senses?

Pleasent feelings are pleasent in remaining,
Unpleasant when they pass away.

Unpleasant feelings are unpleasant in remaining, but pleasent when they pass away.

All things have pleasent and unpleasant part. Either is meaningless/anattā/unsubstantial/unfruitful/untrue.

This is right view.

I learnt this from sutta I can’t recall right now.

One who is attached to pleasent feelings, feels unpleasant when pleasent feelings pass away from sense contact against his wishes. This will always happen.

One who is attached to unpleasant feelings via hatred suffers when unpleasant feelings arises through sense contact. Becaus one want them to go away, but they don’t go away on one’s wishes until causes for arising of those unpleasant feelings are removed.

One who likes pleasent feelings cannot stop pleasent feelings from going away, he cannot maintain pleasent feeling as he likes.

One who hates unpleasant feelings, cannot stop unpleasant feelings from arising, he/she cannot remove unpleasant feeling as he/she wishes.

Now that all of you who contemplate this and rightly decide that feelings are useless. You would want to stop feelings right?

What is ultimate cause for arising of feelings?

Feelings cannot arise without sense contact.

What is ultimate cause for arising of contact?

formation of senses.
Without senses, sense objects cannot create contact at senses.

What is cause for arising of senses?

It is birth.
Without birth the senses cannot be formed.

What is cause for birth?
Avijjā is cause for birth. (Avijjā → tanha → upādāna → bhava → jati → whole mass of Suffering.)

What is Avijjā?
Avijjā is lack of paññā.

What is paññā?
I explained in all the above posts in group.