Reply To: Compilation of all my insight notes when I had breakthrough in Dhamma Understand


Detachment cannot be forced.

However detachment can be effected by Cultivating causes for it.

Causes for detachment is paññā. Which is wisdom. Not bookish knowledge. Applying the learning to be free from real life suffering. Actual experiential freedom from suffering.

Now, What is paññā? → Taking wise decision with right understanding → What is right understanding? → seeing drawbacks of relying on six senses and the corresponding six sense objects for happiness. *Why drawbacks but not benifits should be seen*, because by default we see the benifits of all senses and objects, but, we don’t pay attention to the long term results of this quest to derive happiness by senses → what are drawbacks? → I explained drawbacks in all above posts.

Most important problem with all of us, who have still incomplete paññā is that we still don’t see either the whole picture of world.

*That is what I said repeatedly in above posts. Problem is seeing “hot pan” as “pan which won’t hurt” you, if you touch it. But, that’s is ofcourse wrong. It is impossible that may you be able to touch hot pan AND it may not burn you. It is outright foolish. Yet, by embracing six senses and corresponding six senses objects, this is what we are doing.*

This “hot pan” is sansarā with six senses/six kinds of sense objects.

“Touching it” means having hate or greed for this objects.

Why we see “hot pan” as “pan that won’t burn”?

Because of ignorance.

What is Ignorance? Not having paññā? What is paññā? Mentioned earlier.

We fail to see that it is our quest to derive the happiness from this world, which as consequence brings all the suffering that one experiences in this life, or will experience in future life if one doesn’t stop touching the hot pan.

Please note that Buddhist path is path of wisdom, analysis, investigations, discernment.


One cannot collect data that supports the Buddhist worldview. One must observe all the fact and then see whether buddhism makes any sense.

FOR EXAMPLE. Just because you see all the children around you who are poor, you should not and can not say that this is why world is suffering. All this suffering is suffering, but buddha talks about very particular type of suffering. It is not mundane everyday life suffering. However, this mundane suffering is automatically covered in Buddhist view of suffering. But, Buddhist view of what is suffering is much wider in scope. I have tried to explain this in above posts.

Please, read and contemplate.

Even if you don’t see six senses and corresponding objects as suffering directly, you will see that they are not exactly the best instrument for those seeking happiness without even trace of suffering in it.

Blind faith and beliefs can not lead anywhere.

Actually noone should even try to give up sense pleasures or anything,