Reply To: Compilation of all my insight notes when I had breakthrough in Dhamma Understand


Why do we do anything at all in world?

Can any of us point out anything that we don’t do for our happiness (or for sake of happiness of people around us)?

Even a single thing?

Yet, Is this quest successful?

If not why?

What did go wrong in quest to achieve worldly happiness?


Have your parents, partners, siblings, relatives, friends or anyone else you have meet in your life, have they been able to achieve COMPLETE happiness, happiness that is unbroken, cannot be affected by anything else?


If you wanted to study Masters in Physics, what should be minimum qualification of your teacher for this course?

Junior school?

Middle school?

High school?

Bachelor’s in physics would work for sure, right?


You would want someone who has done at least masters in physics, to make you understand masters level course in physics.

Now, coming to the question of family and friends, have any of them been successful in achieving *permanent* happiness?

If not, would you expect them to teach you how to go about achieving *permanent* happiness?

Would you take thier advice on such matter?

Think …

They have done nothing wrong by motivating us for achieving worldly goals. Because, from their perspective that is what a correct path is. They are guiding us on correct path from *THEIR ERSPECTIVE.*

Yet, if they have not been able to achieve permanent happiness despite their 20, 30, 40 years of hard work and struggle.

What does that tell you?

Think …


Quoted from jethavanarama Buddhist monastery english sermons series video: