Reply To: Compilation of all my insight notes when I had breakthrough in Dhamma Understand


How in the sansarā have we come to expect something that is literally impossible? How have we come to have such irrational impossible expectations?

Buddha once said that No one would be able to know true nature of world with defiled viññana. (Only completely purified at Arhant stage.)


It is as if we have overlooked what is in front of us all along.

I mean, even though this human body has come into existence due to myriad of causes all aligning. Even if one step had failed, the human body would not develope.

We wish to keep it young and not want it to grow old, As if it is under our control and so truly ours. We are in outright denial. Want proof? Ask someone around yourself, ask them if anyone wants to actually get old or get ill or get declined sense faculties, ask them if any of them will get it. This is body that would become completely useless and lifeless, if it didn’t had one extremely small part that cannot be even detected. (Gandhabba)

All things keeps changing as per causes, only to eventually die. (It can be either external six Rūpa OR five passada Rūpa+ haddaya vatthu) all are subject to cessation with removal of cause. There is no true ownership of anything for anyone. All this delusion not only keeps us in world where we not only get never complete satisfaction but also gives us endless suffering. How long do you want to keep building sandcastles?

Only a fool would embrace the world with defiled viññana in hopes of having complete niccā in this burning place where everything is Aniccā. Only a fool would cling to PañcaKhandha.

To be honest all of us have been fool for so long. Even Bodhisattva until that night of his enlightenment. He won four noble truths after his unfathomably long quest to end suffering COMPLETELY.

Understanding dukkhā, arising of dukkhā, cessation and path to Stopping of all this suffering is all that there is remaining for us …