Reply To: Compilation of all my insight notes when I had breakthrough in Dhamma Understand


With the happiness through six senses, question is not whether suffering will arise or not.

Question is when suffering arises.

For poor people in human realm, suffering is ever present reality.

For rich people in human realm, even with all their riches they cannot completely stop what they don’t like, they cannot completely get what they like. Money cannot keep senses young, cannot stop all the illnesses, cannot stop someone from telling you harsh words.

Even if one has all the wealth in the world, can it help one to have birth in next life exactly as one likes?

So, one must understand clearly, buddha doesn’t talk about the mundane suffering or pain of everyday life.

The suffering buddha talks about is ever present reality/sansarā/six senses/”the all”/”the world” it is inherently not to complete liking or as per one’s wishes.

World works on principle of causality, we want to embrace it in illusion that it is works as per our wishes.

If it worked as per your wishes, would you ever let anything happen, that you don’t like or that causes Suffering?

But, you suffer and have pain, grief, lamentation, despair, sorrow, seperation from liked, not meeting or having liked etc etc.

So, is the six senses/world a real problem that you should fix? Or should you fix your attachment (greed/hatred) to world?

As mentioned earlier, all our friends, family, relatives all have tried their ever best to fix the world, *yet, world is unfixable problem.*

However, this is not giving up in any sense or accepting defeat. It is just that why would you fight battle that cannot be ever won?

Remeber, it is not about giving this up or that up or anything, It is about trying to choose the battle that has possibility of winning.* Why would you fight battle that is impossible to win? Why would you try to have happiness from something which is incapable of providing it?

What is winning in this question?

*Winning is simply that you remove all possibilities of ever having any kind of suffering ever again. Is anything more valuable. Never ever having any Suffering.*

I explained in above posts why world is not fixable, but, attachment is fixable.