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Yes. The succinct verse: “Tattha katamo aniccaṭṭho? Pīḷanaṭṭho aniccaṭṭho pabhaṅgaṭṭho sampāpanaṭṭho vivekaṭṭho aniccaṭṭho, ayaṃ aniccaṭṭho
can be analyzed in great detail.

The word sampāpanaṭṭho means “with the meaning of sampāpana.”
– “sampāpana” is “san” + “pāpana” where “pāpana” implies “inducing pāpa” or “inducing immoral.” Of course, “san” is to “add.”
– Thus, sampāpanaṭṭho conveys the idea that not comprehending anicca nature induces people to engage in immoral activities (pāpa kamma.)

It helps to pronounce the Pali word sampāpana instead of “sampapana
– These are minor details.

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