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Much merits Lal for the alternative translation! This has provided me with new insights into understanding more about anicca nature.

What I noticed is that here at Puredhamma, one of the posts mentioned Aniccam khayatthena. “Because one’s hope for enjoying (rupa and the other aggregates) will only lead to one’s demise (aniccam khayatthena).” Now seeing in the Petakopadesa mentioning something similar on how anicca nature induces one to engage in immoral deeds. I believe a connection I was able to make between the two concept or words “sampapana” and “aniccam khayatthena” is:

“Due to anicca nature of the 5 aggregates, it induces one to engage in immoral deeds (sampapana). (One of the reasons why anicca nature induces one to engage in immoral deeds is because we’re never able to fulfill our wishes / desires / likes, etc and we keep trying to especially through akusala deeds) and if one desires or hopes to enjoy / obtain the 5 aggregates that’s of anicca nature, it will lead one to demise (aniccam khayatthena).

This is an observation that I made, I thought I would share it.

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