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This is a good example of why “anicca” should not be translated as a single word of “impermanence” in English.

Tattha katamo aniccaṭṭho? Pīḷanaṭṭho aniccaṭṭho pabhaṅgaṭṭho sampāpanaṭṭho vivekaṭṭho aniccaṭṭho, ayaṃ aniccaṭṭho.”
– It means, “What is meant by the “anicca lakkhana“? – It means (things in this world) are to cause stress (Pīḷana), are of “breakable nature (pabhaṅga), induce one to engage in immoral deeds (sampāpana), cause restlessness (aviveka).”

There are even more words used to describe anicca in another Tipitaka Commentary. It is not necessary to analyze each of them.
– However, I have discussed the Pīḷana nature in the post, “Anicca – The Incessant Distress (“Pīḷana”)

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