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Sammasambodhi Gami

@Lal Sir, please forgive me as I didn’t pay due respect to your Noble efforts.
I realised my fault. I am really sorry for my discourteous response.

I want to emphasise that I am immensely grateful to all the endeavor you are putting in for spreading the pure Buddha Dhamma.

Thank you so much Lal Sir.

I am really fortunate to have come across !!!

I asked for the explanation of the Agganna Sutta (in detail) because of a reason.

In today’s world, there are broadly two kinds of people (putthajana) :

(1) The “scientific” minded folks who believe that the physical world that we live in and all the matter was created by a “Big bang” 13.8 billion years ago. So humans and animals are nothing but permutations of atoms and molecules. Life just happened without any cause and nothing continues after death.

(2) The “religious” minded folks who believe that the physical world (including the Earth, Sun, Moon and other stuff) as well as living beings were created by an “All Powerful Creator” called God. So this physical world exists because of the “will” of the Creator.

According to Lord Buddha, both (1) and (2) are wrong views.

But when these two types of people ask me what Lord Buddha said about how the physical world was created, then I can’t give them a clear answer (including my parents!).

When their questions are not answered, then they disregard Buddhism.

So to give them at least an idea about the real depth of Buddha Dhamma, I was asking for the explanation of the Agganna Sutta in this forum.

So with the intention of arising AND strengthening faith in the Noble Triple Gem in the hearts of many putthajanas, I kindly request you to please explain the Agganna Sutta for the benefit of all.

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