Reply To: NDE, Jesus and Hell


Thank you very much for your reply, Lal.

In the months and years after coming across the materials in your website, I have felt such a great burden lift from me. So much so that if other people were to tell me that I am wrong or just imagining it, it would be like telling me two plus two is not equal to four, just like the analogy you used.

Much of my mental agitation is gone, that I am sure would not have subsided through any other cause. For I have tried hard to quell the mental agitation through other means but failed. I am sure many other people who are in turmoil would be able to experience the same if they could put down their biases, cravings and unreasonable expectations about the world.

Please continue to keep up such excellent work for the benefit of countless sentient beings, who may be lost while searching for a way out of their mental anguish, and not know where to turn to for advice and guidance.


P.S. You have also resolved my doubts about the context of the videos that I asked you about. For that I am very grateful. Thank you very much!