Reply To: Post on “sakkāya and PañcaUpādānaKhandha”.


Many suttas describe “assada, adinava, nissrana” or “sensory gratification/perceived sukha of them”, the bad consequences of getting attached, and attaining Nibbana based on that detachment.

See, for example, “Assāda Sutta (SN 22.26)

All average humans have “assada.”
– When they learn Buddha Dhamma (Noble Truths/PS/Tialkkhana) some will be able to see dangers of such attachments (adinava.)
– When they follow the Noble Path they will end the suffering (nissarana).

Of course, assada (or craving sukha) arises because of the nicca sanna.
– So, one goes from nicca, sukha, atta to anicca dukkha, anatta understanding, upon learning the true Buddha Dhamma.

Another way to say the same thing: Average humans perceive sensory pleasures as being good.
– Only after learning Buddha Dhamma do they realize the “hidden dangers” of such attachments.