Reply To: Addressing need of listening to Desanas + My questions to Lal sir.


Lal, Did you ever got any chance to hear any DESANA in person face-to-face with any ariya?

I am afraid that maybe, just may be if recordings won’t work for attainment of phala, I would lost very precious chance to get free from all suffering.

I am not sure if the javana power in ariya voice is also captured in recordings.

In future, I plan to listen to dhamma sermons from ariya in face-to-face setting.

One last question:

You said That one can attain sottapana stage ONLY when listening to ariya discourse.

So, Let’s say the DESANA one is hearing from ariya is not fitting to person’s background, then will they still achieve magga phala?

And can it happen that One can achieve phala quite sometime after pondering over a DESANA one just heard? (So not attaining phala, immediately.)