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1. All translations at Sutta Central are “word-by-word” translations.
– In this particular sutta, one can probably get the ideas conveyed depending on the level of understanding.
– But I also did not get to explain the sutta in detail. Any sutta requires further details.
– If one cultivates anariya jhana (using anariya Samatha Bhavana techniques), then the order in the holds. But, of course, one cannot cultivate Ariya jhana until one cultivates Vipassana Bhavana and gets to at least (ii) and (iii). I briefly mentioned that in #7 in the post.

2. “Sabbūpadhipaṭinissaggo” is “sabba” + “upadhi” + “paṭi” + “nissagga”.
– Those terms mean, “all” + “defilements” + “bonds (to the Samsaric process)” + “become free of ”
– Thus it means to attain the Arahanthood by becoming free of all defilements, and the ten types of samyojana (Samsaric bonds).

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