Reply To: About experience of sakkāya


Understood, clearly lal. Thank you.


We can similarly also say that sottapana has removed the deeper wrong view with knowledge of tilakkhana and removed sakkāya DIṬṬHI.

But, He still has PERCEPTIONS/SAÑÑĀ of kammā assāda or any other assāda being fruitful (niccā, sukkhā, attā)

So, over all we can say that diṭṭhi vipallāsa of Puthujjano worldview goes away starting at sottapana anugami stage, but, vippalasa saññā of this Puthujjano worldview only goes away at anāgāmi stage.

Here, Puthujjano worldview means seeing what causes suffering as pleasurable/fruitful/helpful/meaningful.