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Hello Tobi,

1. “Removal” is done using a two-prong method.
– When sensual/immoral thoughts come to the mind, one needs to turn the mind away from them. The easiest way is to start thinking about opposite thoughts. They can be thinking about the bad consequences of continuing on sensual/immoral thoughts. The commonly used “anariya” technique is to start thinking about a “neutral object” like breath or a kasina object.
– The above method just keeps the “fire” subsided. That is not enough. The tendency for such thoughts to arise will be there until “kama raga anusaya”, “ditthi anusaya” and “avijja anusaya” are there. Those are removed from the mind by comprehending the core principles of Buddha Dhamma: Four Noble Truths/Paticca Samuppada/Tilakkhana.
– Thus, learning Buddha Dhamma and living according to those principles is the key.

2. ” fearful thoughts / worries / sorrows” all will also go away when those anusaya are removed. But it is a step-by-step process. By the way, you can use the same techniques in #1 above to take the mind off of such thoughts.
– Even for an Arahant, physical suffering (associated with the physical body) like injuries, and sicknesses, will be there until the death of the physical body.

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