Reply To: Meditation Techniques

Tobi M

Hello Lal,

thank you for further advice. Bit by bit, I will be reading all those articles (and many more).

I would like to ask two questions right now:

1. You speak quite often about the urgency to “remove” thoughts, especially when they are immoral. I understand by immoral that they are full of strong negative emotions. But how do we exactly remove or stop a thought?
In other forms of meditations I have encountered so far, they speak about “letting pass them by” (just like clouds at the sky). Is it an important distinction not to merely be the passive observer of thoughts, but to actively remove them? Or are both fine and interchangeable?

2. What about fearful thoughts / worries / sorrows: Since they do not harm anyone (unless myself), are they also considered to be immoral? How to proceed with them?

Many thanks for your answer,