Reply To: Meditation Techniques

Tobi M

Dear Lal,

I am really glad I found your website. I am quite new to meditation and want to learn more. Your articles are very rich, full of details, and I also try to learn some Pali words to make the understanding easier.

The reason why I am trying to get deeper into meditation is that I got a place for a 10d “Vipassana Retreat” in July which I have never done before. I am aware of the differences between Goenka Vipassana and the Dhamma you describe here: I have already read some of the corresponding forum entries. But I still believe that this retreat can help me become more focused and concentrated to continue on that path. I am quite sure though that I do not want to end up with breathing mediations, because I want to look deeper….

To make it practical I have started to experiment with the meditation you described here:

8. The Basic Formal Anāpānasati Meditation

Do I find some more introductions on the blog?

With gratitude for your work

Tobi (from Berlin, Germany)