Reply To: What exactly is meant by sensual pleasures?


Yes. You are right. I did not address it fully. I was only focusing on “kāma assāda” in my comment above.

You asked: “So we can say that assāda is more broad term. So, assāda encompasses jhanic pleasure as well.”
– Yes. Kāma assāda are only part of assāda. Brahmas have assāda for jhanic pleasures.

You asked:‘Also, Rupavacara Brahmas and other higher brahmas would still have lot of pleasure which would come from their existence in higher state itself, right?”
– Yes. Any living being has assāda for different types of sensory experiences. Arupavacara Brahmas (in the highest 4 realms) have assāda for arupavacara samapatti (nowadays they are called higher jhana, but that is not correct. I will address that in the new post coming up).

I have revised the post, “Sensual Pleasures – The Hidden Suffering“.
– I did that in a hurry because I have to leave now for a couple of hours. Let me know if there are other issues to be addressed in it.

P.S. Also see, “Rebirths Take Place According to Abhisaṅkhāra