Reply To: What exactly is meant by sensual pleasures?


The easiest ways to think about the term “sensual pleasures” (or kama raga) are as follows.

1. One experiences sensual pleasures only in the realms belonging to Kama loka. The four apayas do not have significant sensual pleasures. It is only in the human and Deva realms that have sensual pleasures.
– No sensual pleasures in the 4 rupavacara or 16 arupavacara Brahma realms.

2. Sensual pleasures are based on the “direct” sensory contact with the tongue, nose, and body.
– However, eyes and ears can be used (indirectly) too. For example, in watching an adult movie the “enjoyment” is based on watching activities with physical contact.
– Rupavacara Brahmas have eyes and ears. But they don’t use them for sensual pleasures. As we have discussed, births in Brahma realms can be possible only for those who have (at least temporarily) overcome sensual pleasures (kama raga). See, “Rebirths Take Place According to Abhisaṅkhāra